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Saturday, December 29, 2012


So a certain major Lakers website tried to take legal action and stop us from writing! BUT WE WON THE GOOD FIGHT! We wont name the website but all we can say is journalism should be a freedom to everyone not just a select few. We are back now and we will continue to provide you with the best Lakers news!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Lakers Win 2 ! Bynum's Still A Big Baby

What happened during the vacation our blog-team took? WE WON GAMES  THATS WHAT HAPPENED!  Cant believe we missed it. 
Lets recap on the past two games.

Lakers Vs. Wizards:

The Lakers struggled, but pulled away with a road win against the Wizards. Ending in 102-96 ... it could have been a close game. Thankfully D'Antoni told them to get their head out of their asses . From being down in single digits they made up a double digit advantage. Coach D'Antoni told reporters " We're not close to being a good team" . The Lakers got lucky against the wizards. That shouldn't be happening. A team like the Wizards should have been destroyed ( then again they did beat Miami) .  Kobe was pretty beat up on the night and couldn't finish those easy shots.  Although he managed to tip in a missed free throw by Dwight that ended up on the highlight reel! He also took a tumble that looked slightly to painful for my health. We already don't have a healthy Gasol,Nash, or Blake..last thing we need is a unhealthy Kobe! Lakers finish the night off with a lucky win.

Lakers Vs. 76ers:
Bynum proved his nickname to be true last night in good old PA. For all of you who don't know ,our nickname for Bynum is "Big Baby Bynum" ..why? Because not only does he play like a child, he acts like a child (on and off the court)  and no matter how hard you think that he trying..he isn't. He could care less about his career. He could care less about the game. He just cares about himself. Last night after his new team lost Bynum blurted out that the Lakers "traded #1 for #2" ..HA. 
Lakers put a shine on the 76ers. They haven't won a back to back game in several weeks now , and Kobe along with the other Lakers showed up on the court for the win.   

Now if only we could beat the Bobcats...said nobody... ;)


Sorry we haven't shown up on twitter or the blog/vlog in a few days. We all took a hiking trip with no cell phones,laptops,civilization! We are back and up and running ! We have allot to talk about!
(Pic below is from the trip. Its good to put the basketball down and be outdoors every once in a while! )

Friday, December 14, 2012

Knicks Hungry for Wins,Lakers Look Starved

So the Lakers lost..again..and again..and now they lost the chance to prove to the NBA that they could beat the top contenders.
Don't tell me you were shocked, we all saw this coming. Like Kobe said the Lakers are playing "terrible" and its what we have to deal with until Nash gets back, as well as Gasol. If by that time we are still loosing, I say we give Phil a call.

So what now? We pray that they can beat the Wizards tonight.
If the Lakers struggle against the Wizards then..LALA...we have a problem.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Another Loss , L.A Riots Part 2 to Follow Soon

As the L.A Lakers fell short AGAIN tonight.. I almost punched the screen.

Lakers Lost 94-100 against Cleveland tonight,adding to the tally of losses that have been sticking to them closer then their own shadows. The first half was a complete nightmare.The second half was another game of catch up that the Lakers couldn't win. Again we saw the easy points from the opposition. They ran up and down the court and had two players on the opposite side of the court waiting for a pass. The transition game is completely destroying this team,along with Gasol and Nash on the sideline due to injury.

If this loosing streak continues..riots will flow through the streets of L.A . People are pissed right now. Lakers fans everywhere want nothing to do with the team anymore. The superstars we all imagined have now become bums in the eyes of many. With the next game against the NY Knicks, things can only get worst from here. The Knicks used to be one of the leagues punching bags for jokes and memes on the they are kicking everyones ass. Here we are playing them at home, supposedly being the superstar team of the year but falling completely short as the Knicks take up the limelight.

What could happen? Lets put the conclusions of next game into perspective.

We loose...Lakers fans go nuts. It's a big game and we need to show our strength to the league again. The game will be shown on national TV and will be televised on TNT so everyone and their mothers will be watching. If they loose Thursdays game, I don't think that anyone in management will do anything crazy( that will follow suit soon ) it's a game the Lakers know they will have a tough time winning. The fans on the other hand will have a uprising.

We win! Lakers fans flip out everywhere. The league and ESPN and all the reporters that have been making fun of the Lakers all season long will praise them and say " THEY ARE BACK!" ...and that could possibly give us the jumpstart we so desperately need right now.

There is no excuse for tonights lost. The Lakers should have won that one. If they played half the defense that they played in the 3rd Quarter in the entire first half we would won. Dwight has been doing better with the free throws but it STILL is not enough. Count all those missed free throws and we would have won the game. It was close. It got real close at the end and my heart was racing..but as close as it got..even when it was a 2 point game..we still couldn't create a lead. Thats where the problem lies. When they score, the opposition answers. Thats not moving forward..thats being in the same situation you were 2 minutes ago with less time! The Lakers need to work on the defense and thats all they should focus on.

I dont like dissing our coach. ( Not because I'm a D'Antoni lover,but because my love for the team) but whats with this talk that he cancelled practice before the game to watch a movie? ...WHAT?

It's rough to be a Laker fan right now. Your not alone fans, we are here in this hole with you. Lets all just find a way to get out of it together.



Monday, December 10, 2012



Big Boy Pants and Jazz Shoes as Lakers Still Loose

The Lakers fell short AGAIN last night at home against the Utah Jazz. With Nash still on the bench as well as Pau Gasol..most of the fan base thought a win was still possible. Unfortunately the Lakers fell 110 to 117 .

Lets look at all the problems and rant about them because thats all that we can do at this point as fans. Dont stop supporting the team because they arent winning and be a real fan. Lets take a look at the problem..

1) Defense.

Without any D the Lakers are playing like scrubs. Dwight can only do so much . Without help from the rest of the team Howard usually sets himself up in defensive mode but it seems like everyone else just doesn't care about the defense. Even our Mamba even leaves players open most of the time because he's usually waiting for a tip or a rebound to get passed his way. That leaves players open , add poor rotation into the mix and you get wide open shots for the opposition. Have you been noticing that the other team always makes it look easy and gets fast and simple shots in while we have to really work to get points on the board? Its because they play the defense. Without defense you can have as much explosiveness as you want offensively but it wont matter. The Lakers need to keep players like Jordan Hill on the floor to protect the basket. They also need to be interested in finding other players who can fit our teams defensive system. Without a question I hate it when fans say " trade him !" or " Fire that guy! " . Thats not how you do things. But the Lakers should show their interest in players who can create defensive stances and can fir the Lakers. Things aren't working out right now and something needs to happen.

2) Drama.

Whats the one thing that is always hovering over the Lakers like a bunch of hungry vultures? DRAMA. Screw TNT..I got a new slogan for you guys "LAKERS KNOW DRAMA" . The drama that seems to follow us around even scares me sometimes. This whole Lakers drama started when Fish got traded. We needed someone younger with more energy who could be our starting point guard. We ended up with Sessions coming in and playing worst then Steve Blake. The only good thing that came our of that trade was that the Lakers acquired Jordan Hill. Without Hill coming in from the bench I don't even want to begin to imagine what this team would have looked like.He and Dwight are the only players who actually try to prevent the other team from getting the ball. We lost to OKC in the playoffs. Now heres when the fun started. Out of nowhere we signed Steve Nash. Damn was that a surprise for everyone. The whole NBA was in shock that Nash left his team the Suns and moved to LA. At the same time the D"wight Drama" was going back an forth. Dwight wanted to go to Brooklyn..then he wanted to go to LA. Then the next day everyone was saying he is signing with brooklyn..few days later. GUESS WHAT. He signed with us. So now we have Dwight Howard the best center in the league and Steve Nash. Along with Kobe, Gasol and MWP the Lakers look unstoppable. Nobody could have imagined what happened next. Nash goes out. Then right after Blake goes out. Now its up to Darius and Duhon to be the PG's for the team. Uh-oh. All of a sudden the Avengers turned into the smurfs . Everyone took advantage of the weakness. Then came the Hack-A-Dwight. Sure its a strategy on the court,but believe me when i say this. I know Dwight is always smiling..but he takes the hack-a-dwight home with him. Dwight is supposed to be the future of the Lakers. The teams leader. He is next in line to take Kobe's spot....and the opposition uses him as a tactic to win games. That psyches him out . Believe me it psyches him out and you can see it on the court. When you see the monster that dunks all over everyone..thats Dwight. When you see the B.S thats been going on for the majority of these games...thats the fear in him. Now all of a sudden all we do is loose game after game after game. Nash is still out and Gasol followed suit. Now the pressure is on. Now ,Nash and Gasol have to might come back early, possibly even further injuring themselves. Now everyones freaking out...and everyone on that team knows (excluding Nash,Dwight,Kobe ) that something is going to happen. Sh*t is going to hit the fan and they know it. So they begin to freak . Whats next? Who knows. All I do know is that it WILL be dramatic.

3) Energy

The Lakers talk-talk-talk about energy all the time. D'Antoni preaches about energy to this team like he is a rocket scientist. The only problem is that they have 0-to-None. Kobe is shooting well,but because of his age doesn't have the same kind of energy level he had when he was #8. The rest of the team needs to step up,but who could? Dwight is doing everything he can right now energy wise. He brings allot to the floor but is still recovering from back surgery. Gasol? Gasol's bolts are rusty from all the wear and tear. He is a veteran player and his age is getting to him. He can't make it up and down the court the way he needs to. The team is OLD. Lets face it. The Lakers need to find someone who fits their team defensively but at the same time brings momentum and energy. Its the only way the can succeed.

The Jazz ran through the Lakers with ease. For every basket we scored..they matched it. For every recovery we made,the bricked it. The Lakers are having chemistry issues but this has to end. We cant continue on this way. It needs to end here. The Lakers need to pull it together.

Lets find out what happens tomorrow with Cleveland folks.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Lakers Loose Game Against Refs with OKC

Lets look at why the Lakers lost nights game. Sure Westbrook had a explosive 2nd Quarter.Forget the first half. Second half the Lakers stood up and did what they had to do. As much as they struggled they didnt get the calls . My opinion ? Referees love OKC.
At one point in the game Westbrook dive tackled and pushed a Laker( either Dwight or Metta) out of the way forcing him into a travel flying through the air at leg level grabing. I wish i could have gotten that on tape. OF COURSE WE TRAVELED we saw a freaking badger with rabies flying through the floor. Kobe was fouled 12 times ( we counted) with no call. Kobe usually drags things out with the refs but you could tell last night he wasnt getting those calls. In the 4th Dwight was THROWN to the floor and somehow the foul was his fault. Dwight sat on the floor laughing at how bad that call was. Late in the 4th Kobe was SANDWICHED and somehow the foul is his fault? I didnt know that sandwiching was legal... Go back and look at all the fouls that were commited in the 4th NBA and hire new officials because its complete B.S. Kobe demanded a explanation from the official for the entirety of the 4thQ about the call and they wouldn't give him one.
The Lakers had a hard game and could have won. Although Dwight didn't score as much as we all hoped he would he played a good game. He even seemed to be working on his free throws. He didn't sink them all but seemed like he had been hitting them in the gym. MWP had to many selfish plays. The bench seems great some nights and lacking the others.
In my book,the Lakers played a great game. So did the officials, hope they got payed well they must have worked real hard last night .. Regardless Nash is on the road to recovery. The Lakers still have time to mend these losses. Although Nash isn't the key to defense, the Lakers can spend less time worrying about the offense with Nash on the floor and spend more time hitting the D.
I know your pissed about it, but be happy the Lakers played a good game. If we had better officials in the NBA the Lakers would have won . Onto the next one Lakers fans.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Kobe Hits 30k with a Laker Win


With Kobe hitting the 30K mark, the Lakers pulled out a Win last night against the New Orleans Hornets..or should we say The New Orleans Pelicans....(weird right?)

I thought it was funny that Kobe hit the 30k mark against the Hornets because thats the team who drafted him in 1996! Sure they were the Charlotte Hornets but Hornets either way! 

Kobe has become the youngest player to ever hit the 30k mark joining the ranks of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (38,387), Karl Malone (36,928), Michael Jordan (32,292) and Wilt Chamberlain (31,419). A great accomplishment for our favorite player!

Friday Kobe and the Lakers face OKC. A tough game. OKC are 15-4 as of now. Lets try to pull another Win out against Durant and the Thunder tomorrow night.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lakers in Ugly Loss. Hack-A-Dwight Continues

Games like that make my head spin. I know all the Lakers fans agree with me on this one...that was pathetic.

With a comfortable lead for 3 quarters the Lakers should have had this win in the bag. Should have had a nice road win where the drama could have settled down a bit. Believe me when I say this, things will get crazy. How did they not win this game? All they had to do was put their hands up. All they had to do was play half the defense they played in the first 3 quarters.

Hack-A-Howard is pointless. I get it, Houston won the game. It's just strategy. I call bullsh*t on that one. These players are getting payed MILLIONS of dollars a year! When it's 4th quarter as a Fan I want to see intense gameplay! I want to see what your made of! .. not fouling a player and just getting the ball back . That's not strategy that's just cowardly. Be men and play the game.

Speaking of playing the game,where was everyone those last 2 minutes? 
We could have stopped them! Why was the defense left in the 3rd quarter? You had a ten point lead for most of the game! The first time Houston got a lead was in the last minute of the game! It pisses me off to watch that happen to a team who could do so much more.

For everyone who goes out and says "trade (insert player here) " your not a real fan. When somethings broken you fix it,you don't go out and buy another one. Dwight,work on your free throws. We love you, your a AMAZING player and we love having you on the team...but shoot those free throws all  day until it makes you sick to your stomach to shoot em. Don't run drills in the gym. Stop lifting weights. Shoot free throws. I don't care if you shoot em in your sleep just do it. Show everyone that your the headache, not the option to win. 

Still a Laker fan after a tough loss. Like they always say ...get them next time.

Lakers GameDay Preview

The Lakers play the Houson Rockets tonight at 5pm (8 ET) tonight and they need a good road win.

The Lakers took a harsh 103-113 loss against the Magic (that should have been a easy game! Lets find out whats in store for the Lakers tonight and hope that this win gives us the energy we need to get back on track.

Key Points for a win tonight:

1) Tighten up the Defense!
2)Gasol has to adjust his game.Posting up isn't his position anymore!
3) Play Hill. His non-stop Defense and energy will help us survive the Hack-A-Dwight times during the game and in the final minutes.
4) Pray that Steve Nash have a miraculous healing by 5 o clock today. I'm worried about Kobe with all those minutes running up and down the floor!
5) Just go out there and play! Like Kobe said in a interview " Its not rocket science" " Just do your job" 

We need to go out there and Win against Houston tonight. We have done it before but now were on the Rockets floor. It's going to be rough but the Lakers can pull out with a Win tonight!

Saturday, December 1, 2012


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Showtime is BACK Lakers-Nuggets ( Fan Reaction)

Damn we were on FIRE last night! Everyone came out to play. Every problem that the team has dealt with so far ( Not feeding the ball to Dwight,to many turnover,no bench production,etc ) disappeared into the dust last night at Staples center. What a incredible game . Lakers win 133-102

Mr Superman himself became the dominant factor in last nights game against the Nuggets.Killing it with 28 points and amazing intensity. The whole time I was watching this game all i could think about was " How lucky are we that we traded Andrew Bynum for D12" because I cant ever remember a game where Bynum played this well in his history with the Lakers. Dwight has a certain energy about him that he brings to the floor. The more time that passes,Dwight gets healthier and now you can see his game expanding.Great job Dwight you played a excellent game.

Lets move on to the reason that we won this game! THE BENCH! YES I SAID THE BENCH! Don't worry your not hearing things! Jamison had 33 points last night! You heard it right 33 points ! Shooting 3 after 3, even getting into the paint he was a terror to deal with for the Nuggets. He played a similar game to MWP but made WAY more baskets. Antawn is a new force to be reckoned with for the Lakers.
Another bench player who pushed us to victory was Meeks! Meeks hit 21 points last night! As the nuggets watched in disbelief Meeks shot 3 after 3 after 3 after 3 . The bench won us this game.Without Meeks and Jamison playing the way they did it couldn't have been a victory. For anyone who said our bench wasn't deep I want to see two of your players put up 54 points off the bench. ( Can I say it? Im going to  anyway) LAKESHOW ALL DAY!

The Lakers played a game last night that fit the hype.Although Nash is still out, this is what the Lakers are supposed to look like. This is the dream team that we all imagined seeing. This is the effort we all need to see every night as Fans. The showtime is back! You can feel the magic in the air at Staples. No I'm not talking about Johnson I'm talking about the energy that the Showtime age brought to the fans and to the building. We felt it last night at Staples. The showtime is back and here to stay. Just wait until Nash gets healthy. If the Lakers can play this way for the next month i don't even mind waiting for Nash. Let him get healthy. Let him get close to 100 % . Come playoff time we will be unbeatable. Oh did I mention that the last basket we shot was Dwight Howard shooting a 3 ...and  he made it in? Yeah i flipped out..almost knocked the TV over but it would have been worth it. 

Until next time Laker fans! Il be watching that game on my DVR.. I gotta see that again!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pacers and Ref Dance On Laker Defeat

Watching last nights game hurt. It hurt bad as a Lakers fan. Wonder why? A slow paced game full of no-calls and bad ones.Dancing referees and a sick Kobe doing all the work.With a final score of 79-77. Lets analyze last nights game and put it into perspective.

Kobe suffered from a flu last night and missed the mornings shoot around. We almost thought he would miss the game. Cool thing about Kobe is that he plays better when he's sick. The problem is that he was the one doing ALL of the work. You cant let Kobe get that tired and play him all those minutes and expect him to play well.He isn't as young as he thinks he is! what people say about Kobe. TRUTH is that he put up 40 points and carried the team the entire game. Even tied it up with a crazy 3 pointer towards the end of the game. Kobe Bryant played a great game and did everything he could to win this game. We didn't loose last night because Kobe wanted all of the ball action. We didn't loose because all of his possessions missed. We lost because nobody else was on the court with him. 

The pointgaurds Duhon and Morris did not show up last night. They can only handle the ball well once every few games. This shouldn't even be up for discussion,without the Steve's this team is lost. As a Laker fan I would suggest praying to the basketball gods for a healthy return for Steve Nash and Steve Blake.

Dwight Howard had a rough game last night. He came away with 17 points. The issue with Dwight is that he plays well when the ball is fed to him. Without the rest of the Lakers looking to give him the ball he cant do what he does best. When I say other Lakers I'm talking about RonRon or MWP as most people call him and the bench players looking to make a name for themselves.

Metta World Peace ( aka Ron Artest) plays a great game. If the Lakers didn't have him on the court with all his energy and stamina they would not be the same team. That is true without question. Only issue is that what he makes up for in crazy game play does not cover his a$$ when it comes to taking shots when Dwight is wide open. MWP has a habit of wanting to be Kobe when he's not. His ego feeds off of attention from the crowd and glory. So instead of faking a shot and passing to Dwight he shoots long range and misses half of the time. Jodie Meeks and Jamison look to fire the second they get the ball because they wonder when they will get the ball again. Look guys your not going to get anywhere playing like that. Learn to shoot the ball better and play your position better and you'l get more shots in that actually go in the basket.

Lets talk about the NBA's infamous referee Joey Crawford. What a piece of Sh*t . I apologize for the language but this guy deserves it. Fans don't watch the NBA for him to dance around and be the center of attention. If you saw the GIF image above you'l understand what I'm talking about. In no way is that proffesional. He should not be allowed to be in any other basketball game. I wouldn't even let him work a highschool game. He has no standards and thinks people come out to see him. He has a issue with star players like Kobe and Tim Duncan. Not to long ago this referee kicked Duncan out of a game for laughing. Yeah like I said he is a giant turd. Please resign and take a pension or something Joe and never be a referee ever again you are a disgrace. After he does his gangam style type dance halfway up the court he takes a look back to Kobe and smiles. Seriously? Cant wait for this guy to get fired.

So if the game was tied up how did we loose?

Dwight missed 2 foul shots...and then so did World Peace! BACK TO BACK! Pacers score a easy basket with .01 seconds left. In my opinion Pau Gasol should have fouled Hill as he went up . A good hard foul would have roughed him up a bit. Maybe he would have missed a shot and we would have won by 1. Gasol has grown more and more soft these past few games. I love the Lakers and the team and I support every player because you should never hate on your team. Constructive criticism is one thing but hating is another. With that in mind Pau needs to step up. The trade rumor talks are back again and all that does is make him nervous and not play well. He isn't playing at all. Plain and simple. Without Gasol being as productive as he used to be...I feel more L.A drama coming in the near future.


Whats going on Lakers Fans?! SORRY WE WERE GONE FOR SO LONG! We had no internet the past few days. The aftermath of hurricane Sandy still haunts us. We now have internet and can now write again! 

Monday, November 19, 2012

L.A Lakers Destroy Rockets

The LakeShow was in the building. Last night Kobe and the Laker Gang showed the Rockets James Harden, and Lin that they run L.A.
Where should we start first? The incredible 40 point quarter? Kobe's triple double? Dwight Howard ripping apart the Houston defense? Don't worry Lakers Fans we'll cover it all!

     When I found out that Coach D'Antoni wasn't going to coach last night I have to admit, I was worried. Not that I don't trust Bernie! The build up to this game got intense. With James Harden being the leagues top scorer and Lin and his Linsanity business, people everywhere were anticipating a battle of the West last night. What the NBA wasn't expecting was the Lakers coming to play. 

Dwight Howard had 28 points last night. With every game Dwight gets a confidence boost. D12 played thirty nine minutes last night. Had 13 rebounds, 3 blocks and even a steal. The trade for Dwight was probably the best decision that the Lakers ever made. Recently Andrew Bynum injured his knees even further from bowling. Im glad that we have a player like Dwight on the team now who actually cares about career and his team.

Kobe snagged his 18th career triple double with as much enthusiasm as he did when he grabbed his first. It's so much fun for a Lakers fan just watching Kobe taking control of the floor every night. People know and love Kobe but some people don't realize how hard he works to make sure the team is winning. The Black Mamba struck again last night removing the ideas in Lin fans minds that J.Lin is better then the living legend Kobe Bryant. At one point in the game Kobe stole the ball from Lin . Lin flopped to the floor getting a call, what did Kobe do? Gave him his new signature move.No not the fade-away jumper.No not the sky-hook. The Mamba Death Stare(aka the stare we all wish we could have gave Mike Brown). Lets take a look.

Pau Gasol our favorite Spaniard scored his 15,000th point during last nights game with a great assist from Kobe. Here at LakeShowNation we are extremely proud of Pau. He runs a huge roll in this team, and although Pau has had some rough spots(even this team) we wouldn't be the same without him. My favorite play from Pau was the 4th quarter buzzer hail mary shot in-bounded by MWP. Nobody expected Pau to be on the other side of the court.Once the rockets realized where the ball was going Pau had already put it in making everyone in staples stand up and scream at the fact that the "slow old and crusty" Lakers scored a up-tempo 40 point quarter.

Last nights game was a achievment for the Lakers. We showed the NBA media that although the Rockets have James Harden and Lin. Its no match for the Laker Gang in L.A

Allot of happy fans last night were asking themselves...
" Is showtime back?"

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sun goes down on No Nash Phoenix Suns

(Dwight roaring with the crowd in L.A)
Last night the Los Angeles Lakers pulled out a taste of the showtime we know and love against the Phoenix Suns.
A game full of intensity and determination. A 114-102 victory that gave us a taste of what a up-tempo offense can look like on the Lakers. 

Lets break this game down to show what really mattered most in last nights victory.

Pau decided that he should practice his shooting after what happened against the Spurs. He hit 5 for 5 mid-range shots and had Staples cheering and screaming his name. That push from Gasol got the showtime up and running. With Nash still out and Blake still out we were left again with Darius Morris who had a great game, utilizing his youth and experience from these past few games he's started. We've picked on Morris before but thats because he wasn't looking like a Laker. If your going to be on the Lakers we don't care how new you are or how inexperienced, if your on the team there is a reason and you should represent the Lakers. Darius didn't have a perfect game, he had his ups and downs (due to his youth and inexperience) but he killed it going up and down the court. At one point he gave a no look pass to a wide open Jordan Hill that sent the crowd roaring. Props Morris your looking better.  In case you missed it, below is the link.

Jordan Hill had a great game despite suffering from a minor injury. Most Laker fans don't notice or appreciate Hill as much as the rest of the big name Crew we have on the team, but let me tell you J.Hill is one of the best players that the Lakers have. The more Dwight and Jordan work together, the better he will become. With Hill coming off the bench and bringing his size, defense, and impeccable offense the Laker bench starts to look deep.
Speaking of deep benches, Jodie Meeks showed Staples center what he's all about. In the ten minuets that Meeks played last night we saw more of him then ever. Coach D'Antoni mentioned in his press conference that Meeks should be able to take the shot when he has opportunities and not to hover around. I think he was listening.

Dwight Howard played a excellent game, although turnovers is a big issue Howard put up a hard fight and put out as much as he could. Dwight still has ball stripping issues. As he gets closer to the basket it seems like the opposition knows its easy to strip the ball from his hands.Dwight needs to turn up the grip he has on the ball when he's going for the basket! Seemed like Dwight was fouled several times during the night with no calls ( but thats just a fan's opinion).

Kobe led the Lakers with 31 points on the night playing terrific basketball as always. Controlling the tempo of the game and making sure the ball went where it was supposed to. Kobe did less facilitating then the other night against the Spurs, letting Morris take slightly more control of the wheel but making sure that the Lakers won the game.

Metta World Peace played a excellent game reminding Phoenix that L.A has a bully on their side. World Peace isn't afraid of anyone or any challenge and he likes letting everyone know it. Metta shot his three's well and played all around great basketball. The defense that he brings alongside Dwight is a great combination.

All these factors and efforts from our favorite Lakers brought us the win we wanted, but whats next? The game the world has their eyes on will be tomorrow night. D'Antoni will be the coach of the Lakers, going against a strong team. The Lakers have a history of having a hard time against the likes of Lin and Harden. We'll find out tomorrow night..until then Laker Fans

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Clutch were Out-Clutched (Fan Reaction)

Lakers blow the game with 9 seconds left to play (Robert Gauthier)

Last night the Los Angeles Lakers fell short of a two game winning streak by two points last night to the Spurs. The final score was 82-84.

What seemed like a great night for the Lakers turned into disappointment late in the game Tuesday night. The sparks were flying, and it looked like the Lakers had the game in the bag, but some last minute decisions threw it all away. Dwight played a excellent game with 15 points and a un-stopable defense.Kobe was doing most of the ball handling because the Lakers coaching staff knew that the two (back up,and backup backup) PG could not handle Tony Parker. While the Steve's are still on injury, the team has ball handling and possession issues that the coaching staff needs to keep up with. The Lakers held San Antonio  down and played a phenomenal game up and down the court keeping the opposition down and forcing them into bad shots. Dwight had a monster slam with a assist from Kobe. Kobe put down all the clear shots. Gasol even had some easy buckets. Hill played a tremendous game with the most effort I've ever seen him play with. Hill was on the offense and the defense at the same time and was always there when you needed him.

Now lets go into how we lost the game..Turnovers and bad decision making.

We gave up 17 turn overs! How can we let that happen! Thats a entire quarters worth of possessions, no wonder the Spurs were able to always catch up when the Lakers created a lead. Seventeen turnovers is way to much for me as a fan to handle.The limit should be ten maximum, you don't want to loose those possessions you need to score. The Lakers shot at about 41 percent last night.What would the game look like if we had scored 41 % on those turnover possessions? We would have won. We would have destroyed San Antonio 

Lets talk about the bad decisions that lost the game. With 9 seconds left to play, Kobe and the Lakers all fell for the Tony Parker decoy. Leaving Green open for a uncontested 3. Kobe saw it coming and bolted to Green but it was too late. At that point I was saying "It's alright no worries.Find a way to give it to Kobe, even if he doesn't get a 3 to win it we might get a easy 2 and go into overtime" but what happened..

              Metta inbounded the ball to a cornered Pau Gasol .He went for a 3 that bounced right off the rim with time still on the shot clock as Kobe was cutting through to get to the paint. Metta should have set up a screen or should have inbounded the ball straight to Kobe and let him be the Clutch decision maker. Gasol is not a three point shooter. Kobe then had some words to say to MWP and to Gasol at the games end as he threw his hands up at his two teammates.

When asked about the play Metta said "I designed it," followed by "Well, coach designed it for Kobe and then the guy denied Kobe so I said, 'OK, let me get it to the two-time champion Pau.' The Spaniard almost made the shot."

Sorry World Peace, I know it was your birthday and all but you need to get your priorities straight. Instead of working on your second Rap album (wich is to be released next month) or designing plays for the team,just do the logical thing and give the ball to Kobe.

Hopefully last nights loss serves as an example. Give Kobe the ball and nobody gets hurt. Twitter blew up with the #tradePau tweets last night.
I dont like hating on our players.Pau is a Laker and we should support him no matter what,as well as World Peace.I just wish they would utilize the team that they play with instead of panicking or wanting to be the maestro.

Onto the next one Laker Fans.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Lets take a break from the Drama.LA SONGS!

Had enough coaching Drama? Me's some Laker Anthems/Songs that might pump you up and make you forget about the Drama in LA!

D'Antoni steps up but LA still shocked

D'Antoni is now the coach of the Lakers. Have you picked your jaw up off the floor yet? Lets say goodbye to notion of a Phil return and move onto our new coach.

Lets face the facts, Phil wanted way to much. 

We would have loved to give the Lakers to Phil, I'm pretty sure we would give Mitch's job to Phil if we could. Lets not focus on PJ right now,all I'm hearing from other Laker fans is D'Antoni trash talk. I know he does not compare to our beloved former coach but we need to give him a chance to shine in LA.

Lets see where we go from here Laker Fam,lets give him the chance he deserves.

Laker Girl CONTEST!


Sunday, November 11, 2012

If Phil Jackson took the throne in LA..

The time has come and the talks have been made.The question in every Laker Fan's mind is "Will Phil Jackson return to LA?" 

     In the past few days the Lakers organization have made it clear that if Phil wants his job back, its his for the taking. Even Kobe and Dwight have put their word in on the situation . It seems like Phil is coming tomorrow the way everyone in the Laker Nation is talking about it,but there a few complications.

The first issue: Travel restrictions

Phil Jackson wants to be able to avoid away games. Although the Lakers away record isn't the greatest, Phil doesn't want to take the stress that comes along with the constant travel during the season. In my opinion, I honestly don't think thats such a big deal. We all know what he's capable of,and we don't need him always there, Bickerstaff did a great job the other night and can continue to do so at our away games. We need Phil to use his genius to mold the team and use the players we have to create a unstoppable force.That's the reason Phil has all those rings..its what he does best. Look on the bright side,our away coach might be Scottie Pippen.I know, curve ball right? 

The second issue : Power ( decision making beyond just coach decisions)

Phil wants to be able to make bigger decisions for the Lakers and for his team and staff. Something that the GM and the organization might have to deal with if they want to win a championship this year. I say give all the power to Phil,we like him better anyway. 

Take the thrown Phil,we're all waiting for you! 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lakers punish Golden State 101-77

(Getty images)

It's nice seeing a big smile on Kobe's face for a change. Last night the Lakers pulled together through all the drama  and blew up on the court. The game ended at 101-77 but it felt like we were up by 40 they way LA was playing. MWP got in the double digits. Pau Gasol put up 14.  Howard only made 6 points last night ( slowing it down maybe because of back issues?) but played a great game defensively regardless. Kobe Bryan played 32 minuets last night with 27 points and 7 assists. A tremendous game from Kobe, but thats nothing new. What will shock you  
is the Lakers bench! Morris who never seemed to really look like a Lakers had 10 points on the night. Jordan Hill made it look easy grabbing 14. With Meeks and Jaimeson adding 13 for the bench together, that made the Lakers bench feel deeper then it has been in a long time.

I knew we had the game in the bag last night when Gasol took a 3. Nobody thought he would go for it but he did. Guess he figured "why not?". Pau missed the show but it was fun to watch nevertheless 

Great win for the Lakers, and positive looks now coming from the bench just might be the momentum swing we need for Sundays game

Friday, November 9, 2012


Mike Brown is finlay's an idea,lets send him a DVD copy of all the that would be funny..

       In all seriousness,was this a good decision for the Lakers? I think so. In fact I'm actually positive that this will send us to our full potential. Was it fast? Not at all. I'm sure you haven't forgotten last seasons playoff disgrace. Come on people Denver shouldn't have been that much of a challenge.

Lets talk Phil Jack. Don't get too hyped up, the possibility of that happening is slim to none but we can keep our hopes up. The new coach is going to have to utilize the team and realize that the Lakers work best with a triangle offense. The triangle offense was the heart and soul of the Lakers up until Mike Brown,who did he think he was changing that? I'm glad hes gone and you probably are too. Good riddance. Whats next to come up on the basketball headlines? NBA Miami Heat gets new coach...Mike that would be the first thing that Mike Brown  ever did to make Laker Fans happy.

      Onto the championship LakeShow Nation..its time to see some Showtime...

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kobe gives Coach Brown the Mamba death stare

So there it is Laker fans everywhere. There is no better proof that the Mamba himself has had it up to his fangs with Mike Brown.Take a few seconds to review that clip.

I actually missed this mind blowing clip last night, I had already shut the game off and almost broke my laptop but thank god for YouTube! You can see the disgust in Kobe's eyes and it really scares me as a Laker fan. Bryant told reporters Thursday that he wasn't looking at anyone specific and that he was just mad. Sorry Kobe but we know you way to well to buy that one.


Lakers:All Jazzed Out ( Fans Perspective )

Steve Blake makes 2 of 10 last night (Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times)
The Los Angeles Lakers fell short last night against the Utah Jazz with a score of 86-95.

As a Laker fan,watching last nights game was just painful. With Steve Nash still out, the team that we all called championship caliber just looked and played ineffectively. While Nash sits out Steve Blake proves that he cant handle being our starting PG. Steve Blake is great for random 3's or for pulling the ball away from Kobe, but that spotlight only suits him for twenty minutes at best..not for a whole game. The issue at the PG position this season is deeper then the bench. With Darius Morris going in for Blake when he needs rest,we might as well just pass the opposing team the ball and save the energy.

Dwight Howard struggling with Jazz center Enes Kanter (Russ Isabella, US Presswire)
The amount of possessions without points led to what became a tiresome loss for the Lakers. By the beginning of the 4th quarter Kobe knew he had to come in earlier then expected as he paced up and down the bench biting his jersey in frustration. By the time Kobe got in everyone stepped back. Kobe took almost every shot the 4th quarter trying to salvage what dignity he had left in Salt Lake City last night. His frustration didn't turn on the Mamba we know and love. Kobe turned on a new animal I hope to never see again,the lone wolf. With the last shot in play Kobe turned to the locker room and started walking,not even looking at the shot. As a Laker fan this sight scares me. A uninterested Kobe Bryant is a Laker team without a beating heart.