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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Another Loss , L.A Riots Part 2 to Follow Soon

As the L.A Lakers fell short AGAIN tonight.. I almost punched the screen.

Lakers Lost 94-100 against Cleveland tonight,adding to the tally of losses that have been sticking to them closer then their own shadows. The first half was a complete nightmare.The second half was another game of catch up that the Lakers couldn't win. Again we saw the easy points from the opposition. They ran up and down the court and had two players on the opposite side of the court waiting for a pass. The transition game is completely destroying this team,along with Gasol and Nash on the sideline due to injury.

If this loosing streak continues..riots will flow through the streets of L.A . People are pissed right now. Lakers fans everywhere want nothing to do with the team anymore. The superstars we all imagined have now become bums in the eyes of many. With the next game against the NY Knicks, things can only get worst from here. The Knicks used to be one of the leagues punching bags for jokes and memes on the they are kicking everyones ass. Here we are playing them at home, supposedly being the superstar team of the year but falling completely short as the Knicks take up the limelight.

What could happen? Lets put the conclusions of next game into perspective.

We loose...Lakers fans go nuts. It's a big game and we need to show our strength to the league again. The game will be shown on national TV and will be televised on TNT so everyone and their mothers will be watching. If they loose Thursdays game, I don't think that anyone in management will do anything crazy( that will follow suit soon ) it's a game the Lakers know they will have a tough time winning. The fans on the other hand will have a uprising.

We win! Lakers fans flip out everywhere. The league and ESPN and all the reporters that have been making fun of the Lakers all season long will praise them and say " THEY ARE BACK!" ...and that could possibly give us the jumpstart we so desperately need right now.

There is no excuse for tonights lost. The Lakers should have won that one. If they played half the defense that they played in the 3rd Quarter in the entire first half we would won. Dwight has been doing better with the free throws but it STILL is not enough. Count all those missed free throws and we would have won the game. It was close. It got real close at the end and my heart was racing..but as close as it got..even when it was a 2 point game..we still couldn't create a lead. Thats where the problem lies. When they score, the opposition answers. Thats not moving forward..thats being in the same situation you were 2 minutes ago with less time! The Lakers need to work on the defense and thats all they should focus on.

I dont like dissing our coach. ( Not because I'm a D'Antoni lover,but because my love for the team) but whats with this talk that he cancelled practice before the game to watch a movie? ...WHAT?

It's rough to be a Laker fan right now. Your not alone fans, we are here in this hole with you. Lets all just find a way to get out of it together.

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