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Monday, December 17, 2012

Lakers Win 2 ! Bynum's Still A Big Baby

What happened during the vacation our blog-team took? WE WON GAMES  THATS WHAT HAPPENED!  Cant believe we missed it. 
Lets recap on the past two games.

Lakers Vs. Wizards:

The Lakers struggled, but pulled away with a road win against the Wizards. Ending in 102-96 ... it could have been a close game. Thankfully D'Antoni told them to get their head out of their asses . From being down in single digits they made up a double digit advantage. Coach D'Antoni told reporters " We're not close to being a good team" . The Lakers got lucky against the wizards. That shouldn't be happening. A team like the Wizards should have been destroyed ( then again they did beat Miami) .  Kobe was pretty beat up on the night and couldn't finish those easy shots.  Although he managed to tip in a missed free throw by Dwight that ended up on the highlight reel! He also took a tumble that looked slightly to painful for my health. We already don't have a healthy Gasol,Nash, or Blake..last thing we need is a unhealthy Kobe! Lakers finish the night off with a lucky win.

Lakers Vs. 76ers:
Bynum proved his nickname to be true last night in good old PA. For all of you who don't know ,our nickname for Bynum is "Big Baby Bynum" ..why? Because not only does he play like a child, he acts like a child (on and off the court)  and no matter how hard you think that he trying..he isn't. He could care less about his career. He could care less about the game. He just cares about himself. Last night after his new team lost Bynum blurted out that the Lakers "traded #1 for #2" ..HA. 
Lakers put a shine on the 76ers. They haven't won a back to back game in several weeks now , and Kobe along with the other Lakers showed up on the court for the win.   

Now if only we could beat the Bobcats...said nobody... ;)

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