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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Lakers Loose Game Against Refs with OKC

Lets look at why the Lakers lost nights game. Sure Westbrook had a explosive 2nd Quarter.Forget the first half. Second half the Lakers stood up and did what they had to do. As much as they struggled they didnt get the calls . My opinion ? Referees love OKC.
At one point in the game Westbrook dive tackled and pushed a Laker( either Dwight or Metta) out of the way forcing him into a travel flying through the air at leg level grabing. I wish i could have gotten that on tape. OF COURSE WE TRAVELED we saw a freaking badger with rabies flying through the floor. Kobe was fouled 12 times ( we counted) with no call. Kobe usually drags things out with the refs but you could tell last night he wasnt getting those calls. In the 4th Dwight was THROWN to the floor and somehow the foul was his fault. Dwight sat on the floor laughing at how bad that call was. Late in the 4th Kobe was SANDWICHED and somehow the foul is his fault? I didnt know that sandwiching was legal... Go back and look at all the fouls that were commited in the 4th NBA and hire new officials because its complete B.S. Kobe demanded a explanation from the official for the entirety of the 4thQ about the call and they wouldn't give him one.
The Lakers had a hard game and could have won. Although Dwight didn't score as much as we all hoped he would he played a good game. He even seemed to be working on his free throws. He didn't sink them all but seemed like he had been hitting them in the gym. MWP had to many selfish plays. The bench seems great some nights and lacking the others.
In my book,the Lakers played a great game. So did the officials, hope they got payed well they must have worked real hard last night .. Regardless Nash is on the road to recovery. The Lakers still have time to mend these losses. Although Nash isn't the key to defense, the Lakers can spend less time worrying about the offense with Nash on the floor and spend more time hitting the D.
I know your pissed about it, but be happy the Lakers played a good game. If we had better officials in the NBA the Lakers would have won . Onto the next one Lakers fans.

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