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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Showtime is BACK Lakers-Nuggets ( Fan Reaction)

Damn we were on FIRE last night! Everyone came out to play. Every problem that the team has dealt with so far ( Not feeding the ball to Dwight,to many turnover,no bench production,etc ) disappeared into the dust last night at Staples center. What a incredible game . Lakers win 133-102

Mr Superman himself became the dominant factor in last nights game against the Nuggets.Killing it with 28 points and amazing intensity. The whole time I was watching this game all i could think about was " How lucky are we that we traded Andrew Bynum for D12" because I cant ever remember a game where Bynum played this well in his history with the Lakers. Dwight has a certain energy about him that he brings to the floor. The more time that passes,Dwight gets healthier and now you can see his game expanding.Great job Dwight you played a excellent game.

Lets move on to the reason that we won this game! THE BENCH! YES I SAID THE BENCH! Don't worry your not hearing things! Jamison had 33 points last night! You heard it right 33 points ! Shooting 3 after 3, even getting into the paint he was a terror to deal with for the Nuggets. He played a similar game to MWP but made WAY more baskets. Antawn is a new force to be reckoned with for the Lakers.
Another bench player who pushed us to victory was Meeks! Meeks hit 21 points last night! As the nuggets watched in disbelief Meeks shot 3 after 3 after 3 after 3 . The bench won us this game.Without Meeks and Jamison playing the way they did it couldn't have been a victory. For anyone who said our bench wasn't deep I want to see two of your players put up 54 points off the bench. ( Can I say it? Im going to  anyway) LAKESHOW ALL DAY!

The Lakers played a game last night that fit the hype.Although Nash is still out, this is what the Lakers are supposed to look like. This is the dream team that we all imagined seeing. This is the effort we all need to see every night as Fans. The showtime is back! You can feel the magic in the air at Staples. No I'm not talking about Johnson I'm talking about the energy that the Showtime age brought to the fans and to the building. We felt it last night at Staples. The showtime is back and here to stay. Just wait until Nash gets healthy. If the Lakers can play this way for the next month i don't even mind waiting for Nash. Let him get healthy. Let him get close to 100 % . Come playoff time we will be unbeatable. Oh did I mention that the last basket we shot was Dwight Howard shooting a 3 ...and  he made it in? Yeah i flipped out..almost knocked the TV over but it would have been worth it. 

Until next time Laker fans! Il be watching that game on my DVR.. I gotta see that again!

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