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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lakers GameDay Preview

The Lakers play the Houson Rockets tonight at 5pm (8 ET) tonight and they need a good road win.

The Lakers took a harsh 103-113 loss against the Magic (that should have been a easy game! Lets find out whats in store for the Lakers tonight and hope that this win gives us the energy we need to get back on track.

Key Points for a win tonight:

1) Tighten up the Defense!
2)Gasol has to adjust his game.Posting up isn't his position anymore!
3) Play Hill. His non-stop Defense and energy will help us survive the Hack-A-Dwight times during the game and in the final minutes.
4) Pray that Steve Nash have a miraculous healing by 5 o clock today. I'm worried about Kobe with all those minutes running up and down the floor!
5) Just go out there and play! Like Kobe said in a interview " Its not rocket science" " Just do your job" 

We need to go out there and Win against Houston tonight. We have done it before but now were on the Rockets floor. It's going to be rough but the Lakers can pull out with a Win tonight!

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