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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lakers in Ugly Loss. Hack-A-Dwight Continues

Games like that make my head spin. I know all the Lakers fans agree with me on this one...that was pathetic.

With a comfortable lead for 3 quarters the Lakers should have had this win in the bag. Should have had a nice road win where the drama could have settled down a bit. Believe me when I say this, things will get crazy. How did they not win this game? All they had to do was put their hands up. All they had to do was play half the defense they played in the first 3 quarters.

Hack-A-Howard is pointless. I get it, Houston won the game. It's just strategy. I call bullsh*t on that one. These players are getting payed MILLIONS of dollars a year! When it's 4th quarter as a Fan I want to see intense gameplay! I want to see what your made of! .. not fouling a player and just getting the ball back . That's not strategy that's just cowardly. Be men and play the game.

Speaking of playing the game,where was everyone those last 2 minutes? 
We could have stopped them! Why was the defense left in the 3rd quarter? You had a ten point lead for most of the game! The first time Houston got a lead was in the last minute of the game! It pisses me off to watch that happen to a team who could do so much more.

For everyone who goes out and says "trade (insert player here) " your not a real fan. When somethings broken you fix it,you don't go out and buy another one. Dwight,work on your free throws. We love you, your a AMAZING player and we love having you on the team...but shoot those free throws all  day until it makes you sick to your stomach to shoot em. Don't run drills in the gym. Stop lifting weights. Shoot free throws. I don't care if you shoot em in your sleep just do it. Show everyone that your the headache, not the option to win. 

Still a Laker fan after a tough loss. Like they always say ...get them next time.

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