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Sunday, November 11, 2012

If Phil Jackson took the throne in LA..

The time has come and the talks have been made.The question in every Laker Fan's mind is "Will Phil Jackson return to LA?" 

     In the past few days the Lakers organization have made it clear that if Phil wants his job back, its his for the taking. Even Kobe and Dwight have put their word in on the situation . It seems like Phil is coming tomorrow the way everyone in the Laker Nation is talking about it,but there a few complications.

The first issue: Travel restrictions

Phil Jackson wants to be able to avoid away games. Although the Lakers away record isn't the greatest, Phil doesn't want to take the stress that comes along with the constant travel during the season. In my opinion, I honestly don't think thats such a big deal. We all know what he's capable of,and we don't need him always there, Bickerstaff did a great job the other night and can continue to do so at our away games. We need Phil to use his genius to mold the team and use the players we have to create a unstoppable force.That's the reason Phil has all those rings..its what he does best. Look on the bright side,our away coach might be Scottie Pippen.I know, curve ball right? 

The second issue : Power ( decision making beyond just coach decisions)

Phil wants to be able to make bigger decisions for the Lakers and for his team and staff. Something that the GM and the organization might have to deal with if they want to win a championship this year. I say give all the power to Phil,we like him better anyway. 

Take the thrown Phil,we're all waiting for you! 

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