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Friday, November 9, 2012


Mike Brown is finlay's an idea,lets send him a DVD copy of all the that would be funny..

       In all seriousness,was this a good decision for the Lakers? I think so. In fact I'm actually positive that this will send us to our full potential. Was it fast? Not at all. I'm sure you haven't forgotten last seasons playoff disgrace. Come on people Denver shouldn't have been that much of a challenge.

Lets talk Phil Jack. Don't get too hyped up, the possibility of that happening is slim to none but we can keep our hopes up. The new coach is going to have to utilize the team and realize that the Lakers work best with a triangle offense. The triangle offense was the heart and soul of the Lakers up until Mike Brown,who did he think he was changing that? I'm glad hes gone and you probably are too. Good riddance. Whats next to come up on the basketball headlines? NBA Miami Heat gets new coach...Mike that would be the first thing that Mike Brown  ever did to make Laker Fans happy.

      Onto the championship LakeShow Nation..its time to see some Showtime...

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