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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sun goes down on No Nash Phoenix Suns

(Dwight roaring with the crowd in L.A)
Last night the Los Angeles Lakers pulled out a taste of the showtime we know and love against the Phoenix Suns.
A game full of intensity and determination. A 114-102 victory that gave us a taste of what a up-tempo offense can look like on the Lakers. 

Lets break this game down to show what really mattered most in last nights victory.

Pau decided that he should practice his shooting after what happened against the Spurs. He hit 5 for 5 mid-range shots and had Staples cheering and screaming his name. That push from Gasol got the showtime up and running. With Nash still out and Blake still out we were left again with Darius Morris who had a great game, utilizing his youth and experience from these past few games he's started. We've picked on Morris before but thats because he wasn't looking like a Laker. If your going to be on the Lakers we don't care how new you are or how inexperienced, if your on the team there is a reason and you should represent the Lakers. Darius didn't have a perfect game, he had his ups and downs (due to his youth and inexperience) but he killed it going up and down the court. At one point he gave a no look pass to a wide open Jordan Hill that sent the crowd roaring. Props Morris your looking better.  In case you missed it, below is the link.

Jordan Hill had a great game despite suffering from a minor injury. Most Laker fans don't notice or appreciate Hill as much as the rest of the big name Crew we have on the team, but let me tell you J.Hill is one of the best players that the Lakers have. The more Dwight and Jordan work together, the better he will become. With Hill coming off the bench and bringing his size, defense, and impeccable offense the Laker bench starts to look deep.
Speaking of deep benches, Jodie Meeks showed Staples center what he's all about. In the ten minuets that Meeks played last night we saw more of him then ever. Coach D'Antoni mentioned in his press conference that Meeks should be able to take the shot when he has opportunities and not to hover around. I think he was listening.

Dwight Howard played a excellent game, although turnovers is a big issue Howard put up a hard fight and put out as much as he could. Dwight still has ball stripping issues. As he gets closer to the basket it seems like the opposition knows its easy to strip the ball from his hands.Dwight needs to turn up the grip he has on the ball when he's going for the basket! Seemed like Dwight was fouled several times during the night with no calls ( but thats just a fan's opinion).

Kobe led the Lakers with 31 points on the night playing terrific basketball as always. Controlling the tempo of the game and making sure the ball went where it was supposed to. Kobe did less facilitating then the other night against the Spurs, letting Morris take slightly more control of the wheel but making sure that the Lakers won the game.

Metta World Peace played a excellent game reminding Phoenix that L.A has a bully on their side. World Peace isn't afraid of anyone or any challenge and he likes letting everyone know it. Metta shot his three's well and played all around great basketball. The defense that he brings alongside Dwight is a great combination.

All these factors and efforts from our favorite Lakers brought us the win we wanted, but whats next? The game the world has their eyes on will be tomorrow night. D'Antoni will be the coach of the Lakers, going against a strong team. The Lakers have a history of having a hard time against the likes of Lin and Harden. We'll find out tomorrow night..until then Laker Fans

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