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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Clutch were Out-Clutched (Fan Reaction)

Lakers blow the game with 9 seconds left to play (Robert Gauthier)

Last night the Los Angeles Lakers fell short of a two game winning streak by two points last night to the Spurs. The final score was 82-84.

What seemed like a great night for the Lakers turned into disappointment late in the game Tuesday night. The sparks were flying, and it looked like the Lakers had the game in the bag, but some last minute decisions threw it all away. Dwight played a excellent game with 15 points and a un-stopable defense.Kobe was doing most of the ball handling because the Lakers coaching staff knew that the two (back up,and backup backup) PG could not handle Tony Parker. While the Steve's are still on injury, the team has ball handling and possession issues that the coaching staff needs to keep up with. The Lakers held San Antonio  down and played a phenomenal game up and down the court keeping the opposition down and forcing them into bad shots. Dwight had a monster slam with a assist from Kobe. Kobe put down all the clear shots. Gasol even had some easy buckets. Hill played a tremendous game with the most effort I've ever seen him play with. Hill was on the offense and the defense at the same time and was always there when you needed him.

Now lets go into how we lost the game..Turnovers and bad decision making.

We gave up 17 turn overs! How can we let that happen! Thats a entire quarters worth of possessions, no wonder the Spurs were able to always catch up when the Lakers created a lead. Seventeen turnovers is way to much for me as a fan to handle.The limit should be ten maximum, you don't want to loose those possessions you need to score. The Lakers shot at about 41 percent last night.What would the game look like if we had scored 41 % on those turnover possessions? We would have won. We would have destroyed San Antonio 

Lets talk about the bad decisions that lost the game. With 9 seconds left to play, Kobe and the Lakers all fell for the Tony Parker decoy. Leaving Green open for a uncontested 3. Kobe saw it coming and bolted to Green but it was too late. At that point I was saying "It's alright no worries.Find a way to give it to Kobe, even if he doesn't get a 3 to win it we might get a easy 2 and go into overtime" but what happened..

              Metta inbounded the ball to a cornered Pau Gasol .He went for a 3 that bounced right off the rim with time still on the shot clock as Kobe was cutting through to get to the paint. Metta should have set up a screen or should have inbounded the ball straight to Kobe and let him be the Clutch decision maker. Gasol is not a three point shooter. Kobe then had some words to say to MWP and to Gasol at the games end as he threw his hands up at his two teammates.

When asked about the play Metta said "I designed it," followed by "Well, coach designed it for Kobe and then the guy denied Kobe so I said, 'OK, let me get it to the two-time champion Pau.' The Spaniard almost made the shot."

Sorry World Peace, I know it was your birthday and all but you need to get your priorities straight. Instead of working on your second Rap album (wich is to be released next month) or designing plays for the team,just do the logical thing and give the ball to Kobe.

Hopefully last nights loss serves as an example. Give Kobe the ball and nobody gets hurt. Twitter blew up with the #tradePau tweets last night.
I dont like hating on our players.Pau is a Laker and we should support him no matter what,as well as World Peace.I just wish they would utilize the team that they play with instead of panicking or wanting to be the maestro.

Onto the next one Laker Fans.

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