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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lakers:All Jazzed Out ( Fans Perspective )

Steve Blake makes 2 of 10 last night (Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times)
The Los Angeles Lakers fell short last night against the Utah Jazz with a score of 86-95.

As a Laker fan,watching last nights game was just painful. With Steve Nash still out, the team that we all called championship caliber just looked and played ineffectively. While Nash sits out Steve Blake proves that he cant handle being our starting PG. Steve Blake is great for random 3's or for pulling the ball away from Kobe, but that spotlight only suits him for twenty minutes at best..not for a whole game. The issue at the PG position this season is deeper then the bench. With Darius Morris going in for Blake when he needs rest,we might as well just pass the opposing team the ball and save the energy.

Dwight Howard struggling with Jazz center Enes Kanter (Russ Isabella, US Presswire)
The amount of possessions without points led to what became a tiresome loss for the Lakers. By the beginning of the 4th quarter Kobe knew he had to come in earlier then expected as he paced up and down the bench biting his jersey in frustration. By the time Kobe got in everyone stepped back. Kobe took almost every shot the 4th quarter trying to salvage what dignity he had left in Salt Lake City last night. His frustration didn't turn on the Mamba we know and love. Kobe turned on a new animal I hope to never see again,the lone wolf. With the last shot in play Kobe turned to the locker room and started walking,not even looking at the shot. As a Laker fan this sight scares me. A uninterested Kobe Bryant is a Laker team without a beating heart.


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