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Monday, November 19, 2012

L.A Lakers Destroy Rockets

The LakeShow was in the building. Last night Kobe and the Laker Gang showed the Rockets James Harden, and Lin that they run L.A.
Where should we start first? The incredible 40 point quarter? Kobe's triple double? Dwight Howard ripping apart the Houston defense? Don't worry Lakers Fans we'll cover it all!

     When I found out that Coach D'Antoni wasn't going to coach last night I have to admit, I was worried. Not that I don't trust Bernie! The build up to this game got intense. With James Harden being the leagues top scorer and Lin and his Linsanity business, people everywhere were anticipating a battle of the West last night. What the NBA wasn't expecting was the Lakers coming to play. 

Dwight Howard had 28 points last night. With every game Dwight gets a confidence boost. D12 played thirty nine minutes last night. Had 13 rebounds, 3 blocks and even a steal. The trade for Dwight was probably the best decision that the Lakers ever made. Recently Andrew Bynum injured his knees even further from bowling. Im glad that we have a player like Dwight on the team now who actually cares about career and his team.

Kobe snagged his 18th career triple double with as much enthusiasm as he did when he grabbed his first. It's so much fun for a Lakers fan just watching Kobe taking control of the floor every night. People know and love Kobe but some people don't realize how hard he works to make sure the team is winning. The Black Mamba struck again last night removing the ideas in Lin fans minds that J.Lin is better then the living legend Kobe Bryant. At one point in the game Kobe stole the ball from Lin . Lin flopped to the floor getting a call, what did Kobe do? Gave him his new signature move.No not the fade-away jumper.No not the sky-hook. The Mamba Death Stare(aka the stare we all wish we could have gave Mike Brown). Lets take a look.

Pau Gasol our favorite Spaniard scored his 15,000th point during last nights game with a great assist from Kobe. Here at LakeShowNation we are extremely proud of Pau. He runs a huge roll in this team, and although Pau has had some rough spots(even this team) we wouldn't be the same without him. My favorite play from Pau was the 4th quarter buzzer hail mary shot in-bounded by MWP. Nobody expected Pau to be on the other side of the court.Once the rockets realized where the ball was going Pau had already put it in making everyone in staples stand up and scream at the fact that the "slow old and crusty" Lakers scored a up-tempo 40 point quarter.

Last nights game was a achievment for the Lakers. We showed the NBA media that although the Rockets have James Harden and Lin. Its no match for the Laker Gang in L.A

Allot of happy fans last night were asking themselves...
" Is showtime back?"

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