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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pacers and Ref Dance On Laker Defeat

Watching last nights game hurt. It hurt bad as a Lakers fan. Wonder why? A slow paced game full of no-calls and bad ones.Dancing referees and a sick Kobe doing all the work.With a final score of 79-77. Lets analyze last nights game and put it into perspective.

Kobe suffered from a flu last night and missed the mornings shoot around. We almost thought he would miss the game. Cool thing about Kobe is that he plays better when he's sick. The problem is that he was the one doing ALL of the work. You cant let Kobe get that tired and play him all those minutes and expect him to play well.He isn't as young as he thinks he is! what people say about Kobe. TRUTH is that he put up 40 points and carried the team the entire game. Even tied it up with a crazy 3 pointer towards the end of the game. Kobe Bryant played a great game and did everything he could to win this game. We didn't loose last night because Kobe wanted all of the ball action. We didn't loose because all of his possessions missed. We lost because nobody else was on the court with him. 

The pointgaurds Duhon and Morris did not show up last night. They can only handle the ball well once every few games. This shouldn't even be up for discussion,without the Steve's this team is lost. As a Laker fan I would suggest praying to the basketball gods for a healthy return for Steve Nash and Steve Blake.

Dwight Howard had a rough game last night. He came away with 17 points. The issue with Dwight is that he plays well when the ball is fed to him. Without the rest of the Lakers looking to give him the ball he cant do what he does best. When I say other Lakers I'm talking about RonRon or MWP as most people call him and the bench players looking to make a name for themselves.

Metta World Peace ( aka Ron Artest) plays a great game. If the Lakers didn't have him on the court with all his energy and stamina they would not be the same team. That is true without question. Only issue is that what he makes up for in crazy game play does not cover his a$$ when it comes to taking shots when Dwight is wide open. MWP has a habit of wanting to be Kobe when he's not. His ego feeds off of attention from the crowd and glory. So instead of faking a shot and passing to Dwight he shoots long range and misses half of the time. Jodie Meeks and Jamison look to fire the second they get the ball because they wonder when they will get the ball again. Look guys your not going to get anywhere playing like that. Learn to shoot the ball better and play your position better and you'l get more shots in that actually go in the basket.

Lets talk about the NBA's infamous referee Joey Crawford. What a piece of Sh*t . I apologize for the language but this guy deserves it. Fans don't watch the NBA for him to dance around and be the center of attention. If you saw the GIF image above you'l understand what I'm talking about. In no way is that proffesional. He should not be allowed to be in any other basketball game. I wouldn't even let him work a highschool game. He has no standards and thinks people come out to see him. He has a issue with star players like Kobe and Tim Duncan. Not to long ago this referee kicked Duncan out of a game for laughing. Yeah like I said he is a giant turd. Please resign and take a pension or something Joe and never be a referee ever again you are a disgrace. After he does his gangam style type dance halfway up the court he takes a look back to Kobe and smiles. Seriously? Cant wait for this guy to get fired.

So if the game was tied up how did we loose?

Dwight missed 2 foul shots...and then so did World Peace! BACK TO BACK! Pacers score a easy basket with .01 seconds left. In my opinion Pau Gasol should have fouled Hill as he went up . A good hard foul would have roughed him up a bit. Maybe he would have missed a shot and we would have won by 1. Gasol has grown more and more soft these past few games. I love the Lakers and the team and I support every player because you should never hate on your team. Constructive criticism is one thing but hating is another. With that in mind Pau needs to step up. The trade rumor talks are back again and all that does is make him nervous and not play well. He isn't playing at all. Plain and simple. Without Gasol being as productive as he used to be...I feel more L.A drama coming in the near future.

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