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Monday, December 10, 2012

Big Boy Pants and Jazz Shoes as Lakers Still Loose

The Lakers fell short AGAIN last night at home against the Utah Jazz. With Nash still on the bench as well as Pau Gasol..most of the fan base thought a win was still possible. Unfortunately the Lakers fell 110 to 117 .

Lets look at all the problems and rant about them because thats all that we can do at this point as fans. Dont stop supporting the team because they arent winning and be a real fan. Lets take a look at the problem..

1) Defense.

Without any D the Lakers are playing like scrubs. Dwight can only do so much . Without help from the rest of the team Howard usually sets himself up in defensive mode but it seems like everyone else just doesn't care about the defense. Even our Mamba even leaves players open most of the time because he's usually waiting for a tip or a rebound to get passed his way. That leaves players open , add poor rotation into the mix and you get wide open shots for the opposition. Have you been noticing that the other team always makes it look easy and gets fast and simple shots in while we have to really work to get points on the board? Its because they play the defense. Without defense you can have as much explosiveness as you want offensively but it wont matter. The Lakers need to keep players like Jordan Hill on the floor to protect the basket. They also need to be interested in finding other players who can fit our teams defensive system. Without a question I hate it when fans say " trade him !" or " Fire that guy! " . Thats not how you do things. But the Lakers should show their interest in players who can create defensive stances and can fir the Lakers. Things aren't working out right now and something needs to happen.

2) Drama.

Whats the one thing that is always hovering over the Lakers like a bunch of hungry vultures? DRAMA. Screw TNT..I got a new slogan for you guys "LAKERS KNOW DRAMA" . The drama that seems to follow us around even scares me sometimes. This whole Lakers drama started when Fish got traded. We needed someone younger with more energy who could be our starting point guard. We ended up with Sessions coming in and playing worst then Steve Blake. The only good thing that came our of that trade was that the Lakers acquired Jordan Hill. Without Hill coming in from the bench I don't even want to begin to imagine what this team would have looked like.He and Dwight are the only players who actually try to prevent the other team from getting the ball. We lost to OKC in the playoffs. Now heres when the fun started. Out of nowhere we signed Steve Nash. Damn was that a surprise for everyone. The whole NBA was in shock that Nash left his team the Suns and moved to LA. At the same time the D"wight Drama" was going back an forth. Dwight wanted to go to Brooklyn..then he wanted to go to LA. Then the next day everyone was saying he is signing with brooklyn..few days later. GUESS WHAT. He signed with us. So now we have Dwight Howard the best center in the league and Steve Nash. Along with Kobe, Gasol and MWP the Lakers look unstoppable. Nobody could have imagined what happened next. Nash goes out. Then right after Blake goes out. Now its up to Darius and Duhon to be the PG's for the team. Uh-oh. All of a sudden the Avengers turned into the smurfs . Everyone took advantage of the weakness. Then came the Hack-A-Dwight. Sure its a strategy on the court,but believe me when i say this. I know Dwight is always smiling..but he takes the hack-a-dwight home with him. Dwight is supposed to be the future of the Lakers. The teams leader. He is next in line to take Kobe's spot....and the opposition uses him as a tactic to win games. That psyches him out . Believe me it psyches him out and you can see it on the court. When you see the monster that dunks all over everyone..thats Dwight. When you see the B.S thats been going on for the majority of these games...thats the fear in him. Now all of a sudden all we do is loose game after game after game. Nash is still out and Gasol followed suit. Now the pressure is on. Now ,Nash and Gasol have to might come back early, possibly even further injuring themselves. Now everyones freaking out...and everyone on that team knows (excluding Nash,Dwight,Kobe ) that something is going to happen. Sh*t is going to hit the fan and they know it. So they begin to freak . Whats next? Who knows. All I do know is that it WILL be dramatic.

3) Energy

The Lakers talk-talk-talk about energy all the time. D'Antoni preaches about energy to this team like he is a rocket scientist. The only problem is that they have 0-to-None. Kobe is shooting well,but because of his age doesn't have the same kind of energy level he had when he was #8. The rest of the team needs to step up,but who could? Dwight is doing everything he can right now energy wise. He brings allot to the floor but is still recovering from back surgery. Gasol? Gasol's bolts are rusty from all the wear and tear. He is a veteran player and his age is getting to him. He can't make it up and down the court the way he needs to. The team is OLD. Lets face it. The Lakers need to find someone who fits their team defensively but at the same time brings momentum and energy. Its the only way the can succeed.

The Jazz ran through the Lakers with ease. For every basket we scored..they matched it. For every recovery we made,the bricked it. The Lakers are having chemistry issues but this has to end. We cant continue on this way. It needs to end here. The Lakers need to pull it together.

Lets find out what happens tomorrow with Cleveland folks.

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  1. WTF? they gave up one hundred seventeen points?? that tells me all I need to know. to all you Kobe Lovers he ain't playd Defense in years..its always his man that has career highs against them or is the leafing scorer for the other team.As far as"Chemistry" smh that's BS..its basketball. We could have a pickup game today and play with ppl we've never seen before. Guard ya damn man!!